We provide street food outlets to many different types of events, high capacity events, weddings, birthday parties and many other private functions. We serve high quality food to eat on the move from one of our six bespoke street food huts, you are able to choose from our ten menu options we have available from 2019 get in touch for a full detailed pack on what we offer!
How do you determine street food from fast food, firstly do not confuse fast food with street food the two are similar but very much different if you are going to use the term street food you need to back it up with all the following ingredients:

  • Restaurant quality food served in a fast food manner.
  • Stylish units, retro, vintage.
  • It has to be unique, handmade, locally sourced brilliant food

With all of these necessities in place its real street food catering, many companies claim they serve street food but if it’s the run of the mill, you now know it’s not!
If you are looking for that wow factor at your event you are sure to get it if you choose our street food village, street food is hitting the Irish hard with most event organisers looking for a street food village and we now offer what many companies do not, the full street food package!

Our team consisting of our trained chefs and serving staff to each outlet set up our street food huts in there allocated positions, we are completely self-sufficient all we may ask for is an electricity point but we able to supply our own silent running generator if need be. Once we are set up we get to work on preparing your choice of menu from the 15 main street food catering menu’s that we offer. Generally we ask for a serving time to be stated that you are happy with and once it hits that time we will be ready to serve your guests and the Public with some of the Best & finest street foods around.

From our Gourmet BBQ we serve the best of Irish Farmed 100% beef burgers and pork sausages we can also add mouth-watering pork BBQ ribs and peri-peri marinated chicken and the finest cuts of Sirloin steak all topped off with our salad cart and a wide range of condiments.


And of course, last but not least our Hog Roast street food catering serves the traditional hog on the spit served with Apple Sauce and sage and onion stuffing. Alongside this your guests could also go for our BBQ pulled pork. Both options are served in fresh baked bread rolls that we pick up on the day, so more often than not they are still warm when they reach your hands! Our pork is a mouth-watering 100% Irish farmed red tractor product.